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Broken people can sprout again!

It only takes a smell of hope....Nobody is beyond restoration!.

You will not stay un-redeemed

By Jannie Ellis 

Life does that to most people. It leaves scars in our lives that damage us. Almost like a big tree standing tall and strong and then comes the storm and trauma and the big tree breaks and only becomes a stump, a broken tree……

Most people wrestle with their scars throughout their lives, but that is not what God wants for you. He wants to help you to recover and help the broken tree stump to become a fully grown beautiful strong tree again, full of life and purpose and bearing fruit!

God wants to turn your ashes to beauty. He wants to turn your mess into a message. He has a plan for you……an amazing plan of destiny and purpose….

Every person God launches on planet Earth is unique with a unique calling, mission and place on this vast planet with 7 billion people. There is no one like you. No other person on Earth has your fingerprint or DNA. You and I are absolutely unique with a unique purpose… It does not matter who calls you what. You have a unique identity, marvellously made and created by Almighty God and in God we can unpack that unique identity.

“For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, said the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” Jeremiah 29:11

God in His wisdom, created you, placed you cautiously in your Mother’s womb, and then launched you on your birthday on this Blue Planet! God then surrounds you with circumstances which shape you to propel you towards your Jeremiah 29:11 destiny….

Taken from the book Broken Trees by Jannie Ellis.


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Amanzimtoti KZN, South Africa

The purpose of the Bridge is to bring restoration and innerhealing to the community and to help people discovering their "own identity and strong points" and to help those people along, with their journey to their destiny. Jeremiah 29:11 . 

 Profound Teachings
Encounter  the Holy Spirit!

Powerful  Holy Spirit filled  meetings with  supernatural signs & wonders
Jannie's profound teachings on innerhealing, leadership and church management has  helped thousands of people around the world.  

 Jannie Ellis is a frequent international conference Speaker, Author, Mentor, Businessman, Pastor and  well sought after Marriage Officer. His ministry has helped thousands of people around the world and his focus and profound teachings, are focused on Pastoral Leadership Development, Inner Healing , Restoration and understanding the Holy Spirit. His ability to describe Biblical figures with emotions and as normal everyday people, so that everybody can relate, is world renown.

One of his passions, is to bring a message of inner-healing to Communities in a practical way, which has helped many people to be restored.

To book Jannie Ellis for conferences, Marriage Registrations & Ceremonies, email thebridgedbn@gmail.com .
 Jannie and Ronelle,  are overseeing & Pastoring the Bridge Clinic in  Amanzimtoti  KZN, South Africa. The Bridge is a vibrant trauma recovery and innerhealing Clinic and The Bridge Network is a fellowship of leaders in the Ministry in the KZN South Coast area..

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Let International Speaker, Jannie Ellis, make your special day even more special!

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We assist ALL couples with standard registrations. It does not matter whether you are in a church or not and we assist couples from all different faith movements. (We are only registered with Home Affairs to do standard registrations and ceremonies and is not registered for civil unions)
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 Jannie & Ronelle Ellis
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By Jannie Ellis
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The Bridge
Restoration Clinic

in Amanzimtoti at Kingsburgh Hall in Hall Street.

If you are looking for an informal no nonsence venue, where everybody is a somebody and where you can grow at your own pace, where there is no dress code and the focus is on Trauma recovering, Inner-Healing and your development and the meetings are Holy Spirit lead and the love of God is the main theme, you are then at the right place!
Come and grow with us at the Bridge as Jannie & Ronelle, unpack God's destiny for you, because YOU are family!
 Jannie has been serving the community for twenty five years and bring as Shepherd to the Bridge, years of experience and wisdom from his ministry around the globe..
Powerful Holy Spirit meetings. You are Home!

To visit and fellowship with us at the Bridge in Greater Amanzimtoti area in KZN, get the details by contacting us below:
Email us  at thebridgedbn@gmail.com or whatsupp us at 0614203811
or come and fellowship with us every Sunday 5pm at the Kingsburgh  Hall in Hall street in Warner Beach, Amanzimtoti.

 Jannie & Ronelle Ellis

The Bridge Trauma recovery and Inner-Healing Clinic


Church Leaders coming together for regular fellowship, teachings and Leadership Development under the leadership and Apostolic Oversight of Jannie Ellis in the Southern Coast greater area in KZN in South Africa.

Speaking on inner healing, restoration and leadership development is a passion for Jannie Ellis.


“Its really very amazing sitting under the teachings and ministry of Jannie and Ronelle! When I first met them, I could just feel the love of God. I have grown so much under their ministry."

“When I first came in contact with The Bridge, my life was in turmoil. I had so much bitterness and anger towards my parents for rejecting me in the way they did. To make it even worse, I was medical diagnosed and recorded in writing to have full blown aids. Through the minstry and teaching of Jannie Ellis, I found the love of God and learned about how bitterness and unforgiveness can damage my health. I also learned how to forgive, which I did and was eventually again medical diagnosed to be healed from aids and my life became complete again!..”

“I was in a terrible minibus accident and was the only survivor with my baby. My back was damaged and I was in so much pain. I had to undertake 17 operations and struggled to walk. After my accident I became bitter towards the people that caused the accident and could not properly recover. Then I heard of the teachings of inner healing and the love of God and went to meetings held by Jannie Ellis. Through his teachings, I found the courage to forgive and was not only physical healed, but emotionaly as well and I could recover from the Trauma.”

Jannie and Ronelle Ellis at the Bridge.

The Bridge in action.

Taking Inner-Healing to the Nations.

Spiritual Sons and Daughters.

Changing Communities through Tent Ministry.

Taking God's love and trauma and innerhealing recovery international to Ukraine, Russia, Singapore, Korea, England and the USA.